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We, at PhenomWeb, a video production and animation company based in London, producing a wide selection of different videos for multiple clients, all of which keep to the core values of creativity, entertainment and engaging content. All of your needs and requirements can be met, whether you’re looking for a training video, a charity piece, a corporate video or even a promotional video, naming just a few.

As a company, we hire nothing but the most professional and talented people, so our team blends together a combination of experience and raw talent. They’ll be the ones who will help to form your initial concepts into a full-fledged video that fulfils all your specific needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on flexibility and being able to provide you with all the different services you need, which is why our team can work to any budget and deadline.

Our goal is always to innovative. We want to create new and exciting methods of video creation which will inspire people to connect with your brand and company. To do this, we combine all of the knowledge and experience which comes from being a well-established video production agency with a passion for what we do and the drive to make your video a big hit. One of our biggest passions will always lie in our storytelling. We want to make sure that as a company, you can tell the story which is essential to you, and that your audience becomes fully engaged with it.

We work closely with you as the client. We aim to make sure that you feel your needs are looked after, and your voice is heard at every single stage of the process. This means that we’ll sit down with you and talk about what you want to accomplish here – who your target audience is, what their goals are, what their aspirations are. How your video will effectively speak to them. We’ll work with anyone who needs our services – events establishments, corporations and charities are among some of our past and current customers. Some of our services for them have included such things as long and short form video ads, and content which can be custom tailored to specific social media campaigns.

Our team of creative artists, producers and directors all work together to make sure that you, as a company, get the finest in quality, cost efficiency and convenience. We want your video process to be a convenient and straightforward affair, so we work to make sure that the entire process is effortless. Our pleasure comes from making sure that you are fully satisfied with your video, which is why as a client you’ll have full access to all of the different talents of our service team as they strive to bring your ideas into full-blown life.

Part of our ever growing commitment to providing you with the best possible results, we’re pleased to be able to offer end to end services. This means that we’ll be with you from the initial content ideas and brainstorming right the way through to the successful release of the video content to your systems. Customer service and satisfaction remain one of the cornerstones of our entire business – we want you to do well and to feel like your voice matters.

To gain the most comprehensive understanding of what we do, and how we can help you, we encourage you to take a look at some of the different work we’ve done for clients in the past. We like to think that our reputation and devotion to service will speak for itself. We openly encourage all of our clients to talk to us if they have a new and exciting idea for how to move forward with their projects. Our processes and formulas for creating the perfect video aren’t rigid and uncompromising – in fact, we aim to make it so that you can enjoy a degree of flexibility.

We’re very fond of the idea of a challenge – something to keep us interested and excited. We know that each new client who comes in has the potential to change the way that we look at video creation with a new and exciting vision. That’s why we insist that you share every idea and thought, no matter how strange and wonderful it might seem to you. We emphasise that anything you might think would help your video should be mentioned. Naturally, we endeavour to condense as much of it as we can down into the video. Especially the things that have never been done before and are obviously very new and exciting.

If you decide to work with us, you’ll see that we have nothing but passion for every project we take on and everything we do. Our focus will always be on making sure that meticulous detail is paid to every step of the process. From the very first time, we speak to you about the project, to the middle stage where everyone’s working hard to make sure it’s done, right the way through to the end and that glorious feeling that this project has gone down without a hitch. We work tirelessly to make sure that your project is completed without any worries or problems because we firmly believe that all of our clients should have access to the best possible video content.

As a company, your satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We’ll always aim to try and make it so that you are fully satisfied with everything we do. That’s why we consider it to be crucial that you tell us when you’re not 100% happy with something, or you feel like something can be done differently or better. This is, after all, your video, and we want it to go well and to look it’s very best. Your contributions will always be appreciated and taken on board, and whenever you feel that it’s not quite what you had in mind, we’ll work to remedy it.

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