There are some fantastic features available for jewellery eCommerce websites, which can make all the difference between converting browsers into sales and retaining loyal customers. If a customer is presented with a bare, basic and non-user-friendly website, they’re going to go right back to that

Google search and head somewhere else. Want to know how to hook them in? Check out our guide to the top features for jewellery eCommerce sites below.

Crystal Clear Image Hosting and Multiple Views

Being able to see jewellery online clearly and at as many angles as possible is essential for customers, who need to get as much detail as possible to make up for the fact that they can’t hold the item in their hands. These days, there are multiple possibilities available for image hosting including different views, zoomed in images, videos, 3D imaging and more. Having a visualizer of how jewellery looks when it’s on is also a great idea, giving your customers a much more realistic view of how the jewellery looks.


The ability for your customers to leave reviews is ideal for helping to attract more customers and to get realistic, honest feedback about your products. Reviews can help to show how popular an item is as well as help you to identify the areas where you need to improve. Consumers are more likely to buy products which are recommended to them by real people, so you could boost your sales by adding this great feature to your jewellery website.

Reactive Browsing

You never know where your customers are going to access your website, it could be at home on a PC, on the move on a mobile or via a tablet. Whichever method they use, they are going to want to enjoy the same browsing experience. By having a website design which provides a reactive browsing space to adapt to each platform, such as HTML5, you can ensure that your customers stay satisfied with your offering.

Comparison Shopping

We’re not talking here about comparing prices with other jewellery vendors or similar, we’re talking about the ability for customers to compare different products available on your website with others – a particularly useful tool for jewellery where it can be hard to judge the difference on many products. Therefore a comparison tool will help your customers to identify different products and judge side by side which one they prefer. This makes the shopping process much easier for the customer, and likens it to an in-store shopping experience.

These are just some of the features which Phenom Web can offer your online jewellery store. As a specialist designer of jewellery and fashion websites, we understand the tools that you need in order to provide the best experience to your customers and help to boost your sales. For details on how to incorporate any of the features above into your website or to discuss other ideas with us, please contact us to see how we can help. Click here to find out more details of the current exciting services that we offer.