A very interesting threat on Reddit about some unethical life hacks people use to save money.

However, some of them can be considered as fraud, so you should not do them.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Posted by user 1Str_3Int_2Dex_0Cha:

”If you wanna download movies, music or software just google them and ‘read the DMCA complaint’s on the bottom of the search results.
All the copyrighted material is conveniently listed there and where you can get them. Good guy Google.”






2. Posted by user iamadacheat:

”On that note, if you ever lose a phone charger, walk into any hotel and tell them you stayed there and forgot your charger. They’ll pull out a box full of them.”


3. Posted by user SovietShooter:

”When you are calling a utility/customer service number, and you need to speak to someone but receive an automated menu prompt, choose the Spanish option, then press “0”.
Multiple benefits here. More often than not, they do not hire reps that only speak Spanish – they will most likely be bilingual, and will handle overflow calls in English anyway. Second, Spanish speakers are less common in India, so the Spanish speaking call-centers are usually located in the US – so when you get the rep, you will not have to deal with language barriers often encountered with the Indian reps. In addition, the wait is usually not as long.
SOURCE: I used to work at a title company, and this usually worked when calling large corporate banks.”


4. Posted by user ItaloFontana:

”I post fake job ads on craigslist for positions I am interested in. I get tons of resumes from people who are looking for similar positions in my area. Then I make sure my resume stands out from the rest when I apply for a real job.”


5. Posted by user matto469:

”When phoning up your internet service provider; rather than waiting through the robotic voice thing choose the option to say you want to quit there service, this way you will talk to a human faster as they will persuade you to keep business with them.”


6. Posted by user Norwegian__Blue:

”Never tell vendors for your wedding that you’re hiring them for a wedding. It’s an event or reunion. Big price difference.”


7. Posted by user Tallahasseean:

”Looking for stock photos? Go to Google image search and enter “inurl:istock” without the quotes and then include a search term. This will find stock photos that lazy people put on their websites who didn’t rename their stock photo files. “inurl:stock” is an alternative method.”


8. Posted by user xSCWx:

”If someone is battling you for the arm rest on an airplane cough into that arm then put it back. I fly a lot and have yet to see this fail.”


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