Like most types of consumer store, jewellery websites have become a common way for customers to purchase goods, providing them with an easy and convenient way to buy products without having to set foot out of their house. In order to sell products effectively, the technology available must be used in the right way. This is especially true for jewellery, where high value items pose a number of risks to both consumers and business owners. In this article we explain the importance of using the right technology to sell your jewellery successfully online.

Providing an Interactive, Lifelike Experience

There is something pretty special about walking into a jewellery store. From the glass boxes to the ambience and the expertise of the staff, as a specialist area it’s important that the store looks and feels authentic. The same is true for an online jewellery store. Jewellery eCommerce requires websites to look authentic and to provide an as ‘true to life’ experience as possible, to draw people away from physical stores and into the online realm. Therefore, every detail of the website should be sophisticated from how it looks to how it performs, and there should be enough detail, information as well as help available to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

The Necessity of Visualisation

Jewellery, for the large part, has an aesthetic purpose – it is there to be admired and looked at. People buy jewellery because it looks attractive, beautiful and valuable. Therefore, it is important to make the presentation as slick as it can be to show that the jewellery available in your eCommerce store is fit for purpose. Take advantage of advanced technology which provides true HD photo quality, videos, close-ups, fit visualizers and more. The more you can offer your customers and show them how their jewellery will look, the more likely they will be to buy it.

Engagement and Interaction with Customers

With jewellery eCommerce stores, it is important to interact and engage with customers and develop a relationship with them in the absence of a physical presence. Allowing them to post reviews, having a blog or integrating social media are all great ways to engage with customers and improve their experience, all of which can be easily set up with Phenom Web.

Phenom Web make it possible for you to enjoy reliable, fast performing as well as the most up to date technology on your jewellery eCommerce site, with skilled web designers and developers able to add functions and features to suit your ambitions and help you to improve your sales. If you want to see how the team can fulfil your technology ambitions, take a look at the technology we offer by clicking here. Using a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team can make all the difference in ensuring that your website looks and performs better than its rivals.