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Real People Stories

We know how to make sure in your video documentary filmmaking and connecting with you as a person.

Real people, real stories. We’re a committed and capable company who specialise in providing you with a documentary which details the events that you’re orchestrating. We know that it is essential that you have a well-trained team in your corner, and we’re ready to fill that role for you.

Our joy comes from finding new and exciting ways to merge our ideas and concepts into a cohesive narrative. Our passion is in the creation of the documentary – bringing together all of these different plot points and choices to create a brand new story. The people inside the documentaries are real, and so their struggles, joys, hopes and beliefs should all be reflected in what you see in the finished product.

Our documentaries blend together all kinds of different things because we’re a company which cares massively about making sure that you tell the story you want. Your needs and requirements are the most important thing to us – what kind of message do you want your documentary to give? Who do you want to make the star? We take your ideas and turn them into a viable documentary idea, then help you film it and get it ready to be put out to the world. As a company, we’ve worked extensively with many different groups all across the world and had experience in making a broad range of documentaries. This means that we’re more than capable of handling any request you might have, so please feel free to get in touch.

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