Whilst many of us would like to forget about our days slaving away over Pythagoras and Trig, maths does have its more interesting moments.  If you’re bored at school or work, on the train or simply looking to waste a bit of time at home, we’ve got some great maths facts which are no use to you in life but will certainly help to brighten your day!

  1. The French Word for Pie Chart Is ‘Camembert’

Every time we drew a pie chart it probably made us crave pies, so we should consider ourselves lucky that we don’t spend our time thinking of cheese whilst we draw graphs and charts!

  1. The Most Popular Favourite Number is ‘7’

This is perhaps the least surprising considering that ‘7’ is described as being a lucky number but when asked, 10% of people polled chose it.  The second most popular was ‘3’.

  1. You Will Often Find the Number ‘555’ used in Thai Slang

It is often used as ‘hahaha’ because the Thai word for five is said like ‘ha’.

  1. When You Multiply 1089 X 9 You Get 9801 – The Reverse!

The same is also true with 10989 or 109989 or 1099989 etc.

  1. It Takes 29 Strokes to Write TWENTY NINE

The Y must be written with three strokes.

  1. What is the Roman numeral for Zero?

There isn’t one!  It’s the only number which isn’t represented by the system.

  1. The Word ‘Jiffy’ Is Real!

It actually means 1/100th of a second, so when people say they’ll ‘be there in a jiffy’, they’re probably already running late.

  1. The Number 4 Is The Only Number Which Takes the Same Amount of Characters To Write

FOUR = 4 Letters

  1. There Are Many Different Names for Zero

More so than other words!  They include nought, nothing, zilch, nil, nix, none and others.

  1. It’s Not Just Our Generation Who Have Sat Through Alegbra, Arithmetic, etc

The Ancient Egyptians were known for using complicated maths too, meaning these practices date all the way back to around 3000BC!

  1. In A Room Consisting of Just 23 People, There’s a 50% Chance That Two Will Have the Same Birthday

See the odds for yourself in your classroom/workplace.

  1. Anything That You Can Do With a Ruler, You Can Do With a Compass

Never worry about carrying a ruler around again!

  1. In Asia, ‘4’ Is Considered To Be an Unlucky Number

This is because it is pronounced like ‘shi’ (Japanese), ‘sei’ (Cantonese), ‘si’ (Mandarin) and ‘Sa’ (Korean) which sound similar to the word ‘death’ in each language…

  1. (6 x 9) + (6 + 9) = 69.

Who knew?

  1. Zero is an Even Number

In case you were ever wondering.


Whilst these maths facts won’t benefit you in everyday life, we’re sure they put a smile on your face for five minutes, or distracted you from whatever it is you were supposed to be doing!  Get back to it now or check out one of our other great maths articles.