YouTube provides us with a whole range of entertainment opportunities from the funny to the truly fascinating. Whoever thought that videos about mathematics could be so fascinating? We’ve dug out some of the best and most popular math-related videos on YouTube to help you with your procrastination and help you learn some genuinely interesting things you may not have known about the endless world of maths.

1. How Big Is Infinity – Dennis Wildfogel

A video exploring the ‘fundamentals of set theory’ and the ‘infinity of infinities’, this video will boggle your mind as much as it will educate and entertain. Exploring the different concepts of infinity and how even mathematicians can’t answer some questions, this animated video is a good watch from the guys at TED-Ed

2. 5 Quick Tricks for Filmakers – Indy Mogul

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to take better photos (and not just perfecting selfies on Instagram) then learning all about how to use maths to take photos could be a very worthwhile (and short!) lesson. With some basic calculations to show you how to get the best angles and more, make sure you always get the perfect photo with this handy trick guide.

3. How Much Does a Shadow Weigh? – Vsauce

Ever since Peter Pan, we’ve been fascinated with the idea of our shadows! From hand puppets to clever photography, shadows are literally everywhere we go. But how much does a shadow weigh?

This interesting and silly video will help provide the answer to this seemingly easy answer, and teaches us some new things we might not have considered before…

4. New Plane Boarding Method Could Save Time – NMA NEWS Direct

Not a particularly long video but it might help to solve those endless plane boarding dilemmas.

Using maths to provide a new solution to save time at airports, why not tweet a link to your airline in a bid to get them to change their outdated, and quite frankly, frustrating, systems?

5. I Will Derive

Finally, something a bit light-hearted to end with. A parody of Gloria Gaynor’s anthem “I Will Survive”, sung by a couple of guys for their high school maths class, this is fun bit of geekery to perk up your day!

Shaping up against ‘Charlie bit my finger’ and other classic YouTube gems, these maths videos will be sure to give you food for thought. Have any to share with us? Let us know!